Philip Colbert 《The Triumph of Perseus》Bronze Sculpture - Old Bronze (Pre-order)

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The Victory of Perseus, the artist created this sculpture inspired by the scene of the ancient Greek hero Perseus triumphing over Medusa. The sculpture portrays Perseus with a sense of pride and confidence after his victory, holding the head of Medusa, ready to display it to the crowd. The sculpture has smooth lines, and the muscular contours of Perseus are depicted in great detail, as if portraying the strenuous efforts he exerted for this triumph. The sculpture is made of resin and bronze, which are materials highly suitable for sculpting as they can withstand the effects of oxidation and corrosion over time, emanating an ancient and mysterious aura. Furthermore, the craftsmanship of this sculpture is exquisite, with every detail carefully crafted, resulting in a lifelike and vivid appearance of the entire sculpture.


Numbered on sculpture and including signed certification

Material: Bronze

Height: L24cm x W33cm x H27 cm

**Pre-order lead time : 90days

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