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About K11 Design Store

With the core values of Art, People and Nature, K11 brings the K11 Design Store in life. Through pieces of distinctive design products, K11 Design Store leads us into the designers' mind, feeling how the track of ideas goes, exploring their creative mind map, reading the beautiful stories behind and beyond the design.

With the brand's persistence towards art, K11 Design Store values the fusion of craftwork and originality. Products are selected from outstanding designers' brands all over the world, including but not limited to France, Italy, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Some brands and styles are even first brought into Hong Kong or exclusively available at K11 Design Store, including Image Republic, ITO, Marshall, Native Union, Sand Art, Secrid, Voluspa, Cote & Ciel, Dyson, Nixon etc. From now on, the concept of gifts changed. The product we share to our dearest is no longer only a gift, but also the extracts of designers' life experience and the stories they tell.

K11 Design Store features budding and exceptional designers with their design products seasonally. With sharing of design concepts, stories behind the brands, as well as the designers' life excerpts, both in the store and on its website, K11 Design Store introduces designers' personal life to shoppers, building a communication channel between shoppers and designers through the design products. Wandering in K11 Design Store is like visiting a design museum. Shoppers not only appreciate the design, but also understand the meaning behind, having a fruitful journey in the art kingdom.

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