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The collector rearranges the artifacts in her conservatory. Flowers bloom and bend among the objects on display, while the sun crawls along surfaces and draws details meticulously. Each object whispers a story of birth and process, acquiring a patina only possible through the invocation of time.


The collector gazes fondly at her cherished totemes, an intricate tapestry of memories and emotions interwoven into her life's story, each piece, meticulously arranged, stands as a teatament to her journey. The porcelain vase, adorned with the image of a dragon, seems delicate at first galance, yet it exudes a quite strength, symobolising the collector's resilience and the enduring power of her spirit.


Dragon II is a signed and numbered time-limited edition of giclée prints. Created to celebrate the upcoming year of the Dragon, the edition will be available for 24 hours starting at 8:00 AM PT on Tuesday, November 14 and ending at 7:59 AM PT on Wednesday, November 15. The edition is limited by the number of prints sold during those 24 hours and never reprinted.


Print: 25″ x 19″

Image: 22″ x 16-7/16″

Intricate holographic and foil detailing

Sculptural glass-like details and enhancements

Signed by James Jean and numbered

Estimated arrival period will be in the end of Jan 2024

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