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Through the creation of Guangcai K11 MUSEA Tea Cup for our guangcai project, guangcai master Tan Guanghui once again made joint efforts with K11 Craft & Guild Foundation to rejuvenate the craftsmanship of guangcai. Drawing inspiration from the architectural design of K11 MUSEA, master Tan crafted the art piece with a touch of modern aesthetic, forging it into a one-of-a-kind collectible item dedicated to K11 MUSEA.
Moroccan Entrance, leading a glamourous way into K11 MUSEA, is composed of the signature MUSEA pattern, inspired by the mesmerising patterns of Middle Eastern geometry. The gilt boundaries are painted with gilding, a traditional guangcai technique using gold powder paste made from real gold and beef gelatine. The piece is gleaming because of the bright and vivid colour of real gold, echoing the enchanting hue of the interior of K11 MUSEA. Filled with guangcai colour dalü (dark green), the pattern also abstracts the lush and verdant living foliage adorning the façade and inner space of K11 MUSEA. The piece as a whole captures the ethos of K11 MUSEA to celebrate art and nature.

廣彩大師譚廣輝是K11 Craft & Guild Foundation的尊屬合作夥伴,與基金會携手為活化中國傳統工藝作出努力。譚大師是次受邀創作廣彩《金輝玉潔》茶杯,其靈感來源於K11 MUSEA的建築設計意念,因而將其打造成為K11 MUSEA專屬限量版廣彩作品,為歷史悠久的廣彩工藝注入現代化氣息。
杯面的幾何圖形與K11 MUSEA大門設計「Moroccan Entrance」中的MUSEA pattern遙相呼應。MUSEA pattern以精美迷人的中東幾何圖案為靈感,幾何圖形配以描金裝飾,是使用真金研磨粉狀配以牛膠描繪於瓷面上。此為廣彩經典的黃金使用技法,更顯作品金碧輝煌,與K11 MUSEA內部設計的主色調如出一轍。圖形內以廣彩顏料大綠填充,好似K11 MUSEA建築上點綴的綠色植被,葱鬱並充滿生機。作品的精彩設計與K11 MUSEA的理念不謀而合,讓自然與藝術在其中對話。


K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Brand Origin
Hong Kong

Cup with lid: 5.5cm x 7.5cm Diameter
Saucer: 9.5cm Diameter


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