A Huali Wood Candy Box with Guangcai 'Pride of Roosters' Porcelain Dividers

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With Chinese New Year right around the corner, families and household are getting ready to welcome the biggest festival of the year. The Chinese New Year candy box, with meaningful goodies and snacks inside, is one tradition we can never forget. A beautiful and unique candy box will make the home more festive and CNY-ready.

The center and side plates are painted with lively scenes of roosters. The brush strokes are fine and the color gradient is natural and smooth. The outline of the body is in perfect proportion, capturing the vivid scene of a rooster looking back and crowing.

The rooster was a sacred animal in ancient China and was often glorified as ‘the bird of five virtues’ in poems because it embodies loyalty, faith, bravery, as well as the literary and martial arts. The comb on the rooster is homophonic to ‘government official’ and a symbol of a hat worn by a government official. Therefore, the rooster motif is hailed as a blessing of ‘career promotion and wealth gain’.

It is fired at 1,380 degrees Celsius to achieve the optimal consistency of white porcelain, hand-painted to perfection following traditional guangcai techniques, then fired again thrice as a finishing touch at a low temperature of 810 degrees Celsius to ensure the porcelains’ quality and integrity. The candy box is also paired with a Huali wood box, which is durable and timeless.




瓷碟選用高白泥為原料,由工匠巧手精作,經攝氏1,380 度高溫燒成白瓷後,用廣彩礦物顏料配以傳統技法手繪,再用攝氏810 度低溫反覆燒三次而成。而圍碟亦配相應的漆木盒,既耐用又耐看。


K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

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Hong Kong

30cm Diameter
Package: 56cm x 42 cm x 37 cm

Porcelain, Wood

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