A Luodian Lacquered Small Table

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The table stand is an important furniture in ancient China. Well-crafted with its perfectly preserved luodian, this stand is a practical yet elegant fixture to place tea bowls and stationery. China later became the largest producer of luodian lacquerware during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, exporting to Japan and Korea. This piece was then an export to Japan.

The limited expanse of this small table stand is filled with faithful depictions of a pavilion, a stone arch bridge, scholars, servants, trees and flowers, all inlaid with luodian. Details show the scholars walking beside the pavilion, followed by servants carrying fans. A boy servant is on the bridge holding a zither, while another is under the bridge leading a horse. This is a scene from the famous tale of scholar Bo Ya taking a zither to visit his friend Zhong Ziqi. Bo Ya was a gifted musician and Zhong Ziqi had a good ear for music. The two had such good understanding of each other they were bosom friends. After the death of Zhong, Bo broke his zither and never played music ever again. This great tale of friendship became a popular theme in calligraphy, paintings, porcelain, lacquer and luodian wares in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.





K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Brand Origin
Hong Kong

26cm x 17cm x 8.9cm

Mother-of-Pearl Luodian, Lacquered

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