Erwin Wurm Hot Dog Bus Plush Toy (Pre-order)

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In celebration of the "Hot Dog Bus" sculpture's return to its inaugural exhibition site at K11 Musea in Hong Kong, an exceptional series of artist products is being introduced for the first time. For the first time ever, a sculpture by Erwin Wurm has been transformed into a plush miniature version. These items are extraordinary collectibles crafted specifically in connection with the "Hot Dog Bus," which is part of the K11 collection. These products draw inspiration from the work of Erwin Wurm and are being released by Studio MW. The Plush Bus is a miniature plush version of the Hot Dog Bus, which is part of the K11 art collection. The bus is regularly exhibited at various K11 locations and used as a food truck. Erwin Wurm has physically altered a real VW to give it the appearance of obesity. Through this transformation of everyday objects, he forges a link between self-perception and societal pressures and questions the conventional notion of sculpture.


• Product size: 12x35x20 cm

• Material: PP cotton, Pearl velvet

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