Edgar Plans X NBA 75 Limited Edition - Badge with Print in Frame

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EDGAR PLANS x NBA75 limited badge set At a time when artists are hard to find, Edgar Plans has relaunched a limited edition print in association with the NBA. The original work chosen is "I LOVE THIS GAME" in which classical perspective space and modern elements are intertwined, forming a subtle imbalance that immerses the audience in a dream-like atmosphere of euphoria and joy. The production of this print took a very long time, and all the craftsmanship and details are perfect. It takes the young hero's exploration of basketball dreams as a story clue, and connects the NBA and Edgar's basketball memories, which is a piece of art worthy of inclusion.

Dimension: 60cm x 50cm 

Material: Metal、Flannel

EDGAR PLANS x NBA75限量徽章紀念套裝 在藝術家一畫難求的當下,Edgar Plans聯名NBA重磅推出了限量版畫,原作選取的是《I LOVE THIS GAME》畫面中將古典透視空間和現代元素相互交錯,形成了一種微妙的不平衡,讓觀眾沉浸在如夢般的欣喜歡快氛圍中。這次版畫的製作耗時非常久,並且所有的工藝和細節都做到了完美無缺,它將小英雄探索籃球夢想為故事線索,把NBA和Edgar的籃球記憶串聯起來,是一件值得收入囊中的藝術品。

尺寸:60厘米 x 50厘米

材質: 金屬、絨布

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Edgar Plans is a Spanish contemporary artist passionate about street art and urban art. He constantly looks for ways to transform his inspirations from the spontaneity, sincerity, vitality and energy of children’s drawings into paintings. Currently he is internationally recognized for his child-like characters, the Animal Heroes, and his colourful, expressive and lively style. His works were featured in several international exhibitions including the Padre Gallery and the Unit London, and his work has been offered at auctions multiple times.

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