Stickymonger: Strawberry Stalker
Stickymonger: Strawberry Stalker

Little Maurizio Little Maurizio

Date: 21 JAN 2022 to 23 MAR 2022

Location: 2F, Gold Ball, K11 MUSEA

New York-based Korean artist Stickymonger (also known as Joohee Park) brings her first-ever giant strawberry art installation spanning more than 2 metres in height to K11 MUSEA Gold Ball!

Spanning more than 2 metres in height, this large strawberry lies on its side in the round glass sphere of Gold Ball. A multi-disciplinary artist who developed her obsession with black, sticky fluidity from playing with oil drums next to her family’s gas station as a child, Stickymonger’s work is a representation of her imaginative universe.

Little Maurizio Little Maurizio Little Maurizio

With this artwork, Stickymonger asks the question: at what point in your life did you decide strawberries are cute? To her, there’s nothing cute about strawberries; they just are.

Living in this digital day and age — constantly being exposed to and overstimulated by ideas, opinions and thoughts wherever we turn — we become more susceptible than ever to conditioned thinking and behaviour. To Stickymonger, the question of whether or not strawberries are cute was a gateway to something bigger — that we’ve been conditioned to think that way — the very inspiration behind the Strawberry Stalker series.

Peer into the world of Stickymonger’s giant strawberry now at 2F, Gold Ball in K11 MUSEA!

Little Maurizio Little Maurizio Little Maurizio

To commemorate the giant strawberry installation, Stickymonger has designed a series of collectable Strawberry Crystal Ball blind boxes, with a limited 200 units each available in black & gold, red, pink and white, exclusively on K11 Design Store eSHOP and on K11 ESHOP. The black & gold and white colourway is specially made to celebrate this momentous collaboration with K11 MUSEA. Encasing the strawberry in a clear case placed on a wooden base with a copper nameplate, the artwork is a playful decoration for any space.

Continues the grotesque style and concept from Stickymonger.

Limited Editions debut exclusively at K11 Design Store eShop

Ceramic Flower Pot: 75 Pieces each!

Little Maurizio

Black/ Red

Peer into Stickymonger's surreal world! The cute strawberry turns into the artistic vase. It is more like a multi-functional sculpture doll. The opening of the vase seems to be the entrance to let you peer into the world of Stickymonger!

STICKYMONGER – Carpet (Small): 25 Pieces only!

Little Maurizio

The carpet perfectly restores all the details of Stickymonger's original work and also attaches her exclusive signature to create a square carpet. With ingenious color matching and vivid state, such perfect art pieces for lighting up your home.

Strawberry BangBang Sculpture

Little Maurizio

The girl sitting on top of a strawberry, with her deep and expressive eyes which directly hit people's hearts, reflecting the strange world that Stickymonger wanted to convey.

About Artist

Little Maurizio

Emerging New York-based Korean artist Stickymonger’s (also known as Joohee Park) primarily uses spray paint as her preferred medium, but has expanded to vinyl, murals, digital media, and stickers to capture her creative imagination of magical occurrences and unknown creatures. Stickymonger’s imaginative universe stems from her childhood experiences growing up playing at her family’s gas station, where she developed her obsession with black, sticky fluidity from playing with oil drums as a child.

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