Edgar Plans ‘The Power of Letters’ Art Pop-Up
Edgar Plans ‘The Power of Letters’ Art Pop-Up

‘The Power of Letters’ Art Pop-Up

Little Maurizio

Date: 15 May - 14 June 2021 

Venue: 131-132, 1F, MUSE EDITION, K11 MUSEA 

As the saying goes ''Cangjie created letters, ghosts cried at night,'' it means the success of  letters creation symbolizes the great progress in civilization.The power of letters is infinite. It is the letter creates one and another fancinating dreamlands, leading people to the  immersive experience so to endow people endless imagination through themselves and the world.

This exhibition space is the dream created by the letters in the book that the little hero reads. In the dream, the little hero is almighty, he can do anything and has nothing to fear.

He has power to incarnate innumerable himself to write different hero dream; He could be a Hero Artist to with graffiti wildly; He could even roam into two-dimensional world as a cartoon character and joke around black and white lines.

When we were at young age, for the love for reading fairy tales, we disired to travel  around the world. We always had strange dreams and fantasized about running through walls.  With ages,we begin to label these books as childish and useless so we reduce to lose our dreams with realistic and logical.

We are slowly losing our imagination of letters, and we are gradually losing our whimsical dreams.

When the audience stepped into the exhibition, they dives into the dream created by letters, thinking about how to rewrite the dream of the little heroes, or continue to write their own hero dream.

The power of letters, is in you.

About Artist

Edgar Plans is a Spanish artist born in 1977. As a vitalist, his work is defined as fresh painting, valuing vivid color and material expression.

Most of his work features those children who dresses with simple homemade superhero characters costume as its theme. Compared with the traditional heroic images, Edgar's heroes are full of childishness and maintain childlike innocence and lovability. In the world of children, superheroes have no inherent power, they are no longer take the burden to save the world,all they have are wildest dreams.

His themes range from criticism of social problems to the creation of characters inspired by his imagination. His hope of people is not only to focus  on the imaginative paintings but on its profound significance behind them. He desires that the public interacts emotional communication with the works, to think and to explore it so that artworks are endowed with vitality.

His unique style of paintings were influenced by street art and graffiti. He created series of cartoon characters influenced by manga and animated films. He works with cartoon characters to criticize human harm to the earth, fight against gender violence and racism.