Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle Coffee

“For minimalistic mornings when simplicity is key.”

In pursuit of the most delicious cup of coffee, we collaborated with physicists to design a custom ceramic dripper that celebrates the art and science of coffee. Carefully tested, calculated measurements lead our design to find the ideal extraction, proportion, and flow, ensuring the most beautiful brew.

We partnered with family-owned Kyeumon ceramics in Arita, Japan to craft our dripper, using clay unique to the region for its distinct color and earthly properties.

Design Philosophy

Our “less is more” approach to design is in service to the beautiful coffee we roast and serve to guests.

Our warm, minimal aesthetic is carried throughout our products and spaces, designed to put coffee at center stage.

Highlight Products:

Blue Bottle Coffee x KINTO Carafe
Our collaboration with Kinto. It’s the same carafe that’s on the bar at every Blue Bottle.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Bottle
From Japan, the Hario cold brew bottle joins form and function to make luscious cold brew effort-free. All you need is ground coffee, clean water, and 8 to 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Blue Bottle Mug
Designed by Claska in Japan, Blue Bottlers in Tokyo call this the “Kiyosumi” after our cafe in the Kiyosumi neighborhood. Its clean lines and smooth glaze mirror the minimalism of that space—pale surfaces, gleaming windowpanes, and subtle curvature.