A Guangcai Porcelain Tea Set with 'Blossoming Florals' Pattern

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"Xihong (Xi red) wanhua (ten thousand blossoms)" is derived from the traditional thousand-flower pattern in Jingdezhen-type famille-rose, outlining the flowers in a self-made xi red paint. "Xihongwanhua" is depicting on exquisite porcelain the traditional guangcai motif of flowers in varying density, while filling up the spaces with painted leaves. Xi red is a guangcai paint chemically synthesised and developed with gold, hence professionally named “gold chloride”. The compound appears to be purple, and conditioned into a rosy hue, therefore coined by the West as “Rose”. As some elements of this paint originated in the West, it is called xi red, meaning “western red”, in guangcai terminology. Xi red paint becomes rose red after the firing process, complimenting the porcelain ware with bright and extravagant colours.

「西紅萬花」亦稱「西紅花地」,源於景德鎮粉彩「百花不落地」的表現手法,採用自製西紅勾勒花的百態。「西紅萬花」是採用廣彩傳統的各種花卉的造型,加以配搭聚散,空間位置寫滿葉子,合理地精心描繪於精美的瓷器上。西紅是廣彩顏料的其中一種,它是化學合成,用黃金來發色,專業名稱為氯化金,看來是是紫色的,再把它調成玫塊色,外國人稱之為 “Rose”。由於部分顏色來自西方,在廣彩術語中稱為西紅(即西洋紅),其燒製後呈玫瑰紅色的西紅,使作品明艷秀美,富麗輝煌。


K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Brand Origin
Hong Kong

(Tea Pot) 13.2cm x 9.5cm x 10.6cm
(Cup) H: 3.9cm, Diameter: 6.9cm/pc

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