Edgar Plans X Wilson basketball size 5

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Wilson, a century-old sports brand, and Edgar Plans, an up-and-coming artist from Spain, have started a dream collaboration of "Art x Basketball". For the first time, the artist Edgar Plans combines the original painting with basketball, restoring the painting scene with a pure white base and large graffiti. The new trendy look creates a basketball aesthetic, interpreting the tacit collision between art and basketball culture.

Wilson x Edgar Plans co-branded basketball products selling points:
1. NBA PRO ribbed seam technology
2. PURE FEEL high-performance composite leather material
3. Inspired by the artist's paintings

This limited edition basketball incorporates Edgar Plans' street graffiti style paintings, and his child-like lines portray the basketball memories shared by Edgar Plans and the young hero, while evoking people's aspirations for basketball dreams. The passion and youth is synonymous with basketball culture, and it is also Wilson's constant intention to convey to the public.

百年運動品牌Wilson威爾勝攜手西班牙新銳藝術家Edgar Plans開啟“藝術 x 籃球”的夢幻聯動。藝術家Edgar Plans首次將原畫與籃球結合,以純白基底和大片塗鴉還原畫作場景。用全新潮流外觀締造籃球美學,演繹藝術與籃球文化的默契碰撞。

Wilson x Edgar Plans聯名籃球產品賣點:
1. NBA PRO筋勾接縫技術
2. PURE FEEL高性能複合表皮材質
3. 靈感源自藝術家畫作

本款限定籃球融入了Edgar Plans的街頭塗鴉風格畫作,他以孩童般稚拙的線條刻畫出了Edgar Plans和小英雄共同的籃球記憶,同時喚起了人們對於籃球夢想的嚮往。熱血與青春是籃球文化的代名詞,同時也是Wilson想要傳遞給大眾的不變初心。

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