K11 Design Store ESHOP Promotion (1 April – 30 April 2022)

  1. 1. Applicable Activity

By participating in the activity organized by K11 Design Store Limited (“K11DSES”) as set out in clause 2 below (the “Activity”), a participant is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions applicable to the Activity.


  1. 2. The details of Activity

Activity: K11 Design Store eShop Promotion – 10X K Dollar on FLOWFLEX

Activity Period: From 30 March to 12 April 2022


During the Activity Period, participants who are both KLUB 11 Members and K Dollar Program Members and have bound their KLUB 11 Membership with their corresponding K Dollar Program account (“Members”), subject to these Terms and Conditions, may earn 10X K Dollars (“Rewards”) upon purchasing FLOWFLEX COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Pack at K11 Design Store ESHOP.


Each participant shall first become a KLUB 11 Member and a K Dollar Program Member, and bind their KLUB 11 Membership with their corresponding K Dollar Program account to  enjoythe Rewards.


  1. 3. Special Terms and Conditions applicable to the Activity
  • Terms Used

"10X K Dollars" shall mean a total of 10 times the amount of the K Dollars earned under the  basic rate of HK$1 spending = 1 K Points of this Activity (which is HK$1 = 10 K Points).

  • Credit of K Dollar rebate

In the Reward, Bonus K Dollars eared thereunder will be credited to Members' accounts after the Eligible Transaction is verified and confirmed by K11DSES (credit period from 21 April 2022 to 30 April 2022) . For details on usage of K Dollars, please refer to the K Dollar Program Terms and Conditions at https://www.krewards.com/program-terms-and-conditions.

  • Registration of Eligible Transactions

A Member shall forthwith inform K11DSES of any transaction where Benefits (as defined in the KLUB 11 Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions) / K Dollars have been earned/obtained/redeemed but such transaction is subsequently cancelled, refunded or reversed for whatever reasons. In such circumstances, or if the Member fails to inform K11DSES but it has come to the knowledge of K11DSES of those cancelled, refunded or reversed transaction(s), then either: (a) the Member shall pay to K11DSES forthwith upon notice from K11DSES for the value of the Benefits, which value shall be determined by K11 DSES in its sole and absolute discretion; or (b) K11 DSES shall be entitled to deduct the K Dollars earned from the said transaction(s) from his/her account. The Member agrees that the aforesaid payment by the Member to K11 DSES is an agreed liquidated damages but not a penalty.

  • No Exchange

Reward cannot be exchanged for cash, other gifts or privileges.

  • No Liability

K11 DSES does not warrant that the products and services offered by the individual merchants or redeemed by the participants in the Activity, if any, are of any merchantable quality or fit for any purpose, K11 DSES disclaims all liability in relation to such products and services. The participants in the Activity shall waive all his/her rights and interest, if any, of any nature to pursue against K11 DSES. 

  • Termination of the Activity

 K11 DSES has the right to suspend, terminate or cancel the Activity at any time without any prior notice. 

  1. 4. General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Activity
  • Amendment

K11 DSES has the right to amend any these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

  • Interpretation

K11 DSES has the right to interpret these terms and conditions. In case of disputes, the decision of K11 DSES will be final and binding on all parties concerned.

  • English Version Prevails

The Chinese version of these terms and conditions are for reference only. In case of discrepancies between the provisions of the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

  • Governing Laws

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


有關 K11 Design Store網店活動 (2022 3 30 日至 4 12) 之條款及細則

K11 Loyalty Program Limited

  1. 1. 適用活動

每位參與K11 Design Store Limited(「K11DSES」)舉辦下述第2條的活動(「活動」)的參與者將被視為已閱讀、理解及同意適用於活動的條款及細則。


  1. 2. 活動詳情

活動:K11 Design Store網店活動 – FLOWFLEX 10X K Dollar獎賞



已登記為KLUB 11會員和K Dollar獎賞計劃會員並將其 KLUB 11 會籍綁定其相應的 K Dollar 獎賞 計劃會籍的參與者 (「會員」) 在活動期內於K11 Design Store網店購買FLOWFLEX COVID-19快速抗原測試套裝,可賺取10K Dollar(額外K Dollar將於活動期完結後, 於2022421日至430日存入會員帳戶)。


參與者必須先登記為 KLUB 11 會員和 K Dollar 獎賞計劃會員,並將其 KLUB 11 會籍綁定其相應的 K Dollar 獎賞計劃會籍,方可享以上獎賞禮遇。


  1. 3. 適用於活動的特別條款及細則
    • 定義

「10倍K Dollar」是指本活動下一律獲得基本獎賞HK$1 = 1 K積分的10倍獎賞(即HK$1 = 10 K Points)。

  • K Dollar回贈存入

會員所獲贈之額外 KDollar將會於合格交易被 K11 DSES認證後,存入會員帳戶 (存入期為2022421日至430)。使用 K Dollar 之詳情,請參閱 K Dollar 獎賞計劃條款及細則 https://www.krewards.com/zh-hk/programterms-and-conditions


  • 合資格交易登

會員在任何交易中獲得/兌換的福利(定義請參考 KLUB 11獎賞計劃條款及細則),而該交易隨後由於任何原因被取消、退款或撤銷,會員應立即通知 K11DSES。在這種情況下,或如果會員沒有通知 K11DSES K11DSES 知悉該等被取消、退款或撤銷的交易,則會員須在收到 K11DSES 的通知時立即就該福利向 K11DSES支付有關價值,而 K11DSES 擁有唯一及絕對酌情權決定該福利之價值。會員同意,會員向 K11DSES支付上述款項為約定的違約賠償金,而並不是罰款

  • 不可兌


  • 不承擔責任

K11DSES 不對由個別商戶提供或參加者就活動所換領的產品及服務為可銷售品質或適合任何目的作保證。K11 DSES不對該等產品及服務承擔任何責任,而活動的參加者將放棄其追究K11 DSES的所有權利及利益(如有)。

  • 終止活動

K11 DSES有權隨時終止活動,而毋須事先通知。

  1. 4. 適用於活動的一般條款及細則
  • 修改



  • 解釋

本條款及細則的解釋權歸K11 DSES。如有任何爭議,以 K11 DSES 對相關方作出的最終決定為準。

  • 以英文版本為準


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