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Sparrow Mahjong Thermal (with tea infuser) - Light Green

Travel Mahjong City
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Inspired by her family business, a mahjong manufacturing factory set up in 1963, illustrator Karen Aruba brings out a series of illustration works showcasing the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. The brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ further bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern art, aiming to reignite the dying art of hand-carved mahjong with advanced printing technology.


- Net Weight: 190g

- Dimensions: 7.3 cm x 20 cm

Mahjong carries the same pronunciation as “sparrow” in Cantonese. Featuring the illustration of a sparrow and the tools of hand-carved mahjong, this beautiful thermal bottle is perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold without inviting spills.

About Designer

Gathering professional talents in illustration, design, event management and brand development, local brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ has been recognized by the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2018 for their unique and creative designs. With one of the member’s family background of mahjong manufacturing, the brand aims to showcase a transformation from traditional craftsmanship to modern art.

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Brand Travel Mahjong City
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