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The D Project 2018

K11 Design Store encourages the public to enjoy and engage in the product design and creation process, to discover and recognize young designers around the world. Last year, the outstanding jewelry design of Eddy Tam brought him the title of champion in The D Project Product Design Competition. This year, we will continue “The D Project 2018”, a shining platform for every product to tell their unique story. Here we present the finalists to you.

The D Project – Pop-up Store

28 Sept – 21 Oct 2018 (Every Fri – Sun & 1 Oct, 11:00am – 9:30pm)

1/F, K11

Designer: Chui Tak Ming

With a bachelor’s degree in design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a PhD from the Southwest University and an MBA award from the University of International Business and Economics, John Chui Tak Ming is now the Creative Director of “MINDdesign”. In 1987, he became a member of the “Chartered Society of Designers”. He is also a committee member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and has garnered over 300 international and local design awards.

Brand: 12 HANDS

The 12 HANDS – the exquisite design of multiple hour hands in 12 colors represents the different time zones all over the world, showing the human wisdom of time management in the most effective way. Viewers can spot the different time zones all at a glance with this innovative concept.

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Designer: Douglas Poon

Douglas tells a story about the missing pieces in the parallel space with his design: in an era when our phones no longer have buttons, we can still hear the scratchy sound of a vintage rotary telephone from an antique shop, recalling the slow but delicate pace of life from the forgotten past.


Founded in 2014, Douglas Poon’s independent accessory label rapidly gained global recognition since its debut. The designer’s namesake collection is now carried in over 100 high-end stores, including the V&A Museum in London, the Carnegie Museum of Art, Fenwick department store and Paul Smith boutiques.

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Designer: Jola Happihood

After graduating from the University of New South Wales, Jola founded HAPPIHOOD in 2016, aiming to create a happy livelihood through art and design. Within 2 years, the brand has gained remarkable achievement including the Hong Kong Global Design Award – Bronze and the Hong Kong Smart Gift Award. In 2017, Jola and her team joined the Design Incubation Programme organized by the Hong Kong Design Centre, which further strengthened the team’s confidence.


Believing that happiness is the cure for all pain and stress, HAPPIHOOD aims to bring joy to everyone through an array of fun, interactive and eco-friendly designs, including their award-winning origami red packets.

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Designer: Pakho

With a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Pakho has great passion for innovative design and fine craftsmanship. Noah & Grey was born to create beautifully crafted homeware. With solid experience in the marine industry and Triumph Motorcycles Designs, his work elegantly combines maritime heritage with modern technology.

Brand: NOAH & GREY

Noah & Grey is a Hong Kong-based lighting design studio with a vision to create extraordinary homeware products for everyday delight. Using premium walnut wood and brass as the key materials, the brand’s vintage maritime-inspired lamps integrate new technology with modern interactive creativity.

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Designer: Aimee Lee

As a certified gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Aimee has a strong belief in the power of gemstones. She founded the brand PARADEISOS, fulfilling her dream to create unique jewelry pieces crafted from natural gemstones. Incorporating dots, lines and geometric patterns with a contemporary twist, the main concept of PARADEISOS is elegance and simplicity.


In the hanging gardens of PARADEISOS, every piece of natural gemstone is intrinsically unique and precious. Named after ‘Paradises’ in Greek, the brand name implies an enchanting place of colors, beauty, hopes, dreams and inspirations. The brand aspires to introduce the underlying beauty of gemstones to the public.

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Designer: Riyo Chan

Incorporating miniature scenes into accessories and art installations, Riyo extends her love for the nature to daily objects. Her artistic sense has been acknowledged by the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (USA) and Jaffa Museum (Israel). Products of her brand Shannnam are also carried by leading fashion retailers such as Colette Paris and Harvey Nichols.


With great passion in handmade accessories, Riyo Chan switched her career path from advertising to establishing her own independent jewelry brand in 2011. "Shannnam" is the romanization of Riyo's Chinese name, which stands for "mist in the mountain", envisioning a romantic yet elusive sentiment.

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Designer: Cynthia Luk

Cynthia draws inspiration from her everyday experience, and further expresses herself through a series of experimental mediums, techniques and tools. As a graphic designer, she has collaborated with top fashion brands including Calvin Klein, Le Coq Sportif, Disney Marvel and Nike. She also created illustrations and paintings for Hong Kong movie titles. As the creator of "she. little black", she tries to express "she." via different angles and media, such as graphics, products and permanent tattoos.

Brand: SHE.

Featuring a girl with a little black cat as the main character, the “she. little black” illustration series demonstrates the sensitive emotion of Cynthia and her observation of daily life. The “she.” collection presents a series of design products including diary, notebooks, stickers and tote bags.

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Designer: Karen Cheung, Connie Siu, Maggie Cheung

Gathering professional talents in illustration, design, event management and brand development, local brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ has been recognized by the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2018 for their unique and creative designs. With one of the member’s family background of mahjong manufacturing, the brand aims to showcase a transformation from traditional craftsmanship to modern art.


Inspired by her family business, a mahjong manufacturing factory set up in 1963, illustrator Karen Aruba brings out a series of illustration works showcasing the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. The brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ further bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern art, aiming to reignite the dying art of hand-carved mahjong with advanced printing technology.

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