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The D Project 2017

K11 Design Store encourages the public to enjoy and engage in the product design and creation process, discover and recognize young designers around the world. So this year, we will continue to organize “The D Project – Product Design Competition 2017”, to create a shining platform for every product to tell their unique story. Here we present our finalists to you. 


The D Project 2007 - Pop-up Store
29 September – 22 October (Every Fri – Sun, 11:00am 9:30pm)
L1, K11

Designer: Kat Ling

After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Miss Ling Ching Yin Kat set up Alchemist Creations Co. Ltd. with two of her fellow Poly U graduates in 2012. With the motto “Turn  Neglect into Shine”, their brainchild – the “CAN-WATCH” series was created using the base of an ordinary soda can equipped with a genuine leather band made from a handbag factory’s leather remnants.


Established in 2012 with the motto “Turn Neglect into Shine”, Alchemist Creations aims to turn waste materials into elegant designs which reflect their belief and values. This home-grown brand has led to the setup of  a production line which creates job opportunities for workers at sheltered workshops in Hong Kong.  Through the products, Alchemist  Creations hopes customers will appreciate the members’ sophisticated  workmanship.

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Designer: Chailie Ho

Gifted with immense emotion and imagination, Chailie Ho is dedicated to portraying the beauty of love and feminine tenderness in her designs. After graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in womenswear, Chailie further sharpened her potential by obtaining a postgraduate certificate in innovative pattern cutting. Having worked with Hussein Chalayan, Clements Ribeiro, and a number of acclaimed designers, she debuted her namesake brand in 2010.


Embracing feminine independence and inner strength, Chailie Ho is a contemporary womenswear label designed to accentuate the delicate elegance of modern women. Inspired by love, Chailie conveys her belief in feminine beauty with romantic details and soft hand-drawn watercolor prints in her own designs. With a strong emphasis on fluidity, her refined, sleek and unconventional collection glows with a gentle timeless elegance.

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Designer: Cole Chung

Cole graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in Fashion and Textile Design. Her works were shown on the runway of Hong Kong and Shenzhen fashion week from 2013 to 2016. She also won the Avery Dennison RBIS Best Fashion Innovation Award 2015 at the PolyU Fashion Show and Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association − Young Talent Award 2015. Her designs were published in famous magazines like Vogue, JESSICA, Marie Claire, CAPTIAL CEO, East Touch. etc.


A Hong Kong based fashion brand founded by Cole Chung with unique vision and style. Pursuing “Perfection in Imperfection, Symmetry in Asymmetry”. Her ethos is to boost modern women’s wardrobes with energetic, avant-garde and artistic designs, with strong lines and tough silhouettes yet retaining feminine characteristics.

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Designer: Heidi Lui

A post-80s home-grown handbag designer. Previously worked for well-known retail groups. Heidi would like to bring a unique experience to customers by designing practical bags with a contemporary and stylish outlook.


A stylish and practical lifestyle and travel accessories brand. Its simple designs and functional details are the best fit for modern travelers. As a lifestyle travel accessories brand, Frequent Flyer cares about travelers’ experience.

A stylish and practical lifestyle and travel accessories brand. Its simple designs and functional details are the best fit for modern travelers. As a lifestyle travel accessories brand, Frequent Flyer cares about travelers’ experience.

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Designer: Mike Wong

Mike has worked for multiple transnational 4As advertising agencies and has created advertising and design projects for internationally and locally renowned brands. In 2010, she and veteran creative mastermind Tryde Leung established LLAB Design Ltd, to provide meticulous advertising and design services that fulfill their clients' needs. Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, Mike Wong's creations and designs are the expressions of empathy and logic. Design concepts stem from "finding a solution in an unexpected way".


LLAB consists of “Love” and “Lab”. Lab is the short form of laboratory, which denotes attempt and experimentation. LLAB represents a team of creative enthusiasts who dare to be constantly inventive, and it is also a company driven by love and care. The founders, Tryde and Mike, believe that anyone who carries with love and empathy, will be able to influence people’s cognition to the world; and every single brilliant creative starts with putting oneself into another’s shoes.

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Designer: Eddy Tam

After winning the Hong Kong Designers Association Design Student of the Year Award 2012 when he was studying at the Hong Kong Design Institute, Eddy continued his studies in Product Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Little Jadeite was Eddy’s graduation project, awarded a scholarship for career development. Eddy integrates his cross-cultural design concept with his father’s jadeite craftsmanship, and set up Little Jadeite.


Little Jadeite can trace its origin back to Hang Yue Jadeware, a local jade stall in Cheung Sha Wan. It brings out a new culture of appreciation for traditional jade jewelry by making jade relevant to modern people and their everyday lives. Little Jadeite's products combine the natural beauty of jade with fresh contemporary looks, shattering the notion that the venerable gemstone belongs to past generations.

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Designer: Meiking Ng

Leaving the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2011, Meiking Ng joined a famous Parisian label Guy Laroche as Senior Designer. Her vision is to conserve the aesthetics between Parisian elegance and the characterized design philosophy nurtured from the academy. Her namesake contemporary womenswear label MEIKING NG was established in 2015.


Contemporary, cubism art and architectural elements inspired the brand’s design in presenting a metropolitan lady in a capricious and romantic way. MEIKING NG takes an experimental construction approach and creates reversible double-faced and multi-wearable items. Using natural and delicate sustainable silk with sophisticated details, craftsmanship, and rich layering to present a distinctive character. 

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Designer: Kin Tam

Co-founder of Amen Florist & Décor and Spark Chamber. Designs with personal style, creative, not rigidly adhering to the tradition, hoping to share the joy of floral art. Kin has been interviewed by different media before, including Apple Daily, ViuTV and RTHK.


Spark Chamber strives to break traditional mindsets, and hopes to establish themselves as a creative, practical and versatile floral art brand in Hong Kong people’s hearts.
八 – Post-80s generation founders from different industries
拾 – Pick up your own dream
花 – We hope to bring flower art into daily life
火 – Co-operation with different designers to create brilliant and long-lasting sparks 

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