TGIF - Drink All Night (Black)

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Aarke Carbonator III Black

With its straightforward setup and elegant design, the Aarke Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker lets you quickly and easily create sparkling water with style. Its compact body and stainless steel enclosure also allows it to withstand day-to-day usage without taking up too much counter top space.

We strive to constantly refining our products. For the Carbonator 3, the majority of the components essential for the functionality and safety have been re-engineered leading to an outstanding quality feel, a more intuitive functionality, better carbonation efficiency and the a world-class safety. Not much of this work can be seen on the outside of the product. Why change a modern classic design icon? We have perfected some details, for example the striking stainless steel precision nozzle as well as the steel end cap of the handle. Both these updates goes along with our ambition to constantly remove as much plastic as we can.

Carbonator 3 New features

1. Stainless steel precision nozzle

2. New lever end cap in steel

3. New valve sound

4. More efficient carbonation

5. Damper controlled lever

** With CO2 Spare Cylinder x 1

CBD Bitters Gift Box 100ml/2500mg

Using the power of CBD, the non-alcoholic OTO CBD bitters have been designed to amplify tonics, juices and cocktails, helping to enhance social experiences and improve overall wellbeing. Optimum-strength CBD, cultivated from organically grown hemp plants, has been combined with a bespoke range of botanicals with antioxidant properties, carefully selected to complement the effects of CBD to help with stress and anxiety and promote calmness and contentment. The resulting flavour profile is herbaceous, citrus and with a hint of floral. OTO CBD Bitters can be used to enhance cocktails or as a functional and flavourful alternative to alcohol.

-CBD: help amplify your mood, by promoting homeostasis - or balance - within the body
-Liquorice: help relieve stress and fight inflammation
-Cacao: rich in flavonoids that have been shown to increase brain function, whilst promoting calmness and contentment
-Lemongrass: alleviate anxiety and help people open up

How to Use
Add 4 large dashes to tonics, cocktails, coffee or juices twice a day for optimum benefit.

Purified Water, Cannabidiol, Liquorice, Lime, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Cardamom, Gentian, Cacao, Cinchona, Kaffir Lime.


TGIF Kit (B) included:

Aarke Carbonator III Black x 1

CO2 Spare Cylinder x 1

CBD Bitters Gift Box 100ml/2500mg x 1

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