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為提供更流暢的線上購物體驗,我們(即 Artisanal Living流動應用程式)提議綁定閣下的Artisanal Living流動應用程式帳户及巳登記的K11 Design Store帳號。如閣下同意綁定閣下的Artisanal Living流動應用程式帳户及K11 Design Store帳號,Artisanal Living流動應用程式系统會在閣下每次透過Artisanal Living流動應用程式進入K11 Design Store購物時,向K11 Design Store系统提供閣下已登記的電郵地址,以作識別。


To streamline your online shopping experience, we (Artisanal Living App) recommend connecting your Artisanal Living App and registered K11 Design Store account. If you agree on such accounts connection, Artisanal Living App system will provide your registered email address to K11 Design Store system for recognition purpose when you enter K11 Design store for shopping through Artisanal Living App in future.



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