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Lipocils Platinium®

Taking eyelash natural chronobiology into account, Talika maximise the eyelash growth potential with Lipocils Platinium!


1. Advancement of formulas to the natural day/night cycle of the lashes

- An anti-aging, growth-boosting protective Day Serum compose of Lipocils mythical Plant Complex, Silk Extract and Coleus

- A regenerating, lash-multiplying & growth-boosting Night Serum compose of Lipocils mythical Plant Complex, Red Clover Flower, Peptide Expert and Adenosine

2. Optimization of eyelash life cycle

- Stimulation of the growth phase

- Shortening of the inactivity phase by the extracts from Red Clover Blossom, to maximise the number of visible eyelashes

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Brand Talika
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