Strawberry Crystal Ball Blindbox (Black & Gold/ Red)

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Launch date: 20 Jan 12 noon

• No. of Edition: 200pcs each

• This is a blind box out of 2 colour combinations. Purchasing multiple may result in duplicates. 

• All items are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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Product Information


Strawberry Stalker

Born in South Korea, Stickymonger is a New York-based artist whose work transforms ordinary spaces into dreamlike, parallel universes. Transfixed by the eerie yet inviting gaze of her animated      subjects, the artist offers a guarded insight into her surrealist imagination. A demonstration of dark  and light, innocence and anxiety, one is transported into a liminal state of being.

“Doubt everything that you believe in, even a cute strawberry, and see if your world is yours. Stickymonger

At what point in your life did you decide that strawberries are cute? For many, the answer is as  simple as “I don’t know, they just are,” while for others, they never thought twice about it. To  Stickymonger, there’s nothing cute about strawberries. They just are. To her, the question of whether or not strawberries are cute was a gateway to something bigger than that single question: we’ve been conditioned to think that strawberries are cute. We didn’t come to this realisation by ourselves. Our mind has been made up about it without our involvement in it. And it was this breakthrough that served as the inspiration for the Strawberry Stalker series.

Living in this digital day and age constantly being exposed to and overstimulated by ideas, opinions and thoughts wherever we turnwe become more susceptible than ever to conditioned thinking and behaviour. Are our ideas ever really our own or are they subconsciously being fed to us through our phones, TVs, and tablets? The strawberry represents the part of our digital-led lives where we are blind to lack of uniqueness and originality yet convinced that we’re unique and original. The female character of Stickymonger’s artworks represent collective humanity: ever so aware that the strawberry is present at any given point, embracing it, and even co-existing with one another. We’re never really alone and we’ve simply surrendered to our fate of being conditioned and steered by the strawberries of the world. Even when we think we’re steering them, it’s only because they’re letting us believe we are.

With these artworks, Stickymonger’s vision is to get us thinking whether our thoughts are even our own, while adopting a sarcastic and cavalier tone because there’s absolutely no way it can be true… Or can it? Let the artwork and your thoughts speak for themselves!

About Four You Gallery

In an attempt to shift the gender inequality that continues to persist in the art world, Four You Gallery is a travelling venue-by-appointment that exclusively showcases the work of female artists, in an effort to combat their lack of representation in galleries and exclusion from the mainstream art market. Four You Gallery intends to provide a platform for the overlooked; encouraging cross-discipline dialogue led solely by women aiming to create change. Dedicated to the artist regardless of their nationality, medium, or career status, Four You hopes to celebrate, support, empower and inspire.



6 x 6 x 11 cm


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