Cassini Terrestrial (White) Mova®Cube

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Combining the award-winning Cassini Terrestrial map design (Giftware Association’s Luxury Gift of the Year 2015 & New York Design Awards Silver Winner) with the compelling MOVA Cube (ICON Honors Finalist & IHA Global Innovation Awards Finalist), this new design is sure to be an eye-catching winner for home decor and gifts. The unique visual and geographic features that define our planet Earth are given a new dimension of experience with the cube’s geometric shapes, mesmerizing movement and decorative possibilities, making it one fascinating object of science.

The MOVA® Cube adds a new dimension of wonder to our creations. Evocative of an object from the future, the striking cube houses a globe that rotates continuously on its own. A complex mixture of fluids keeps the globe symmetrical to all sides of the cube, giving it the ability to float perfectly in the center. With such innovative wizardry and a striking geometric structure, the MOVA® Cube is a technological and decorative marvel. Along with the eco-conscious design, sustainable technology and high-quality components we are known for, it is a truly unique addition to the decor market.



5 inches

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