Baibaoqian Gold Ball Wooden Tray (K11 MUSEA Special Edition)

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In keeping with our mission statement, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) breathes new life into baibaoqian, a traditional Chinese craft that the foundation is dedicated to preserve and rejuvenate. Drawing inspiration from K11 MUSEA, the latest unique retail destination in Hong Kong by the K11 Group, the Baibaoqian Gold Ball Wooden Tray is the unique amalgamation of contemporary design and artisanal craftsmanship.

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), the lead architect of K11 MUSEA, was invited to reimagine traditional baibaoqian art as a piece of modern homeware. Captivated by the centerpiece of K11 MUSEA’s atrium, the architect was inspired by the Gold Ball to create an art piece that evokes a sense of mystery, arouses curiosity, and ultimately leads to new discoveries.

Blending heritage with innovation, KPF collaborated with a master craftsman from heritage atelier Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid. The Gold Ball pattern is meticulously inlaid on a black walnut slab with mother-of-pearl, pyrophyllite, and Shandong pyrochlore handpicked by the master himself. Each piece is a work of art that captures the power of creativity, culture and innovation – the ethos of K11 MUSEA.

K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) 致力保育及活化中國傳統工藝,為歷史悠久的百寶嵌注入全新活力。以香港獨樹一幟的創新零售地標K11 MUSEA為靈感,KCG將當代設計完美融和工匠手藝,製成《百寶嵌金相玉映盤》,實現中西、新舊融匯的精神。

是次項目邀請到為K11 MUSEA操刀主理建築設計的國際知名建築事務所Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF),對傳統百寶嵌工藝重新想像,打造成現代精緻家品。受到懸浮於K11 MUSEA中庭的Gold Ball結構所啟發,設計師銳意創作出一件惹人遐想的藝術品,盛載著一絲絲神秘莫測的氣息,同時引發我們探索未知國度。

KPF和北京金漆鑲嵌聯手,交織傳統與創新,由大師親手打造作品,以百寶嵌手法匠心演繹當代設計。大師全手工雕刻圖紋,並精挑螺鈿、青田石、姜黄石、山東綠石等材料,鑲嵌在黑胡桃木上。每件作品造工精細,與K11 MUSEA集創意、文化和創新的力量於一身的理念不謀而合。


K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Brand Origin
Hong Kong

20 cm (Diameter)

Gemstones, Wood

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