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Printer & Co.

Printer & Co.

Printer & Co. was founded with a lofty mission: to revive—in a way that is socially responsible—the art of traditional writing and the mindful lifestyle that accompanied it. As the quest for productivity demands an increasingly rapid pace of life, we cannot help feeling nostalgia for bygone, slow-living days when the hand-written note was a faithfully observed part of social life. The market tendency to favor quantity over quality and low-cost production technology has resulted in a loss of craftsmanship and the human spirit of making things with dignity. Printer & Co. was born to reignite that vanishing spirit.

Printer & Co. offers a range of exceptional quality bespoke stationery for those who care about writing in style. Printer & Co. products include handcrafted notecards, journals, gift-tags, paper for art & craft and a custom printing service for weddings and other celebrations. Printer & Co. advocates a lifestyle that embraces mindful consumption, a sense of well-being and a search for inner peace.

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