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All PRIMVS food products have been analyzed and sampled by gourmet experts and only the best products with certified designated area of production are offered. From the very beginning, the founder decided that if the high quality that reflect the PRIMVS philosophy can’t be obtained, then PRIMVS would not supply food to its customers.

PRIMVS undertook a very diligent and pragmatic approach and many food products and suppliers were turned down as they did not fit the PRIMVS quality philosophy. PRIMVS is aware that the one major difference between them and the others is that PRIMVS only offers exclusively sourced supreme quality IGP/DOP/BIO brand products in a very eye-pleasing eco-friendly package with the added PRIMVS guarantee of quality. PRIMVS food has also encompassed a minimalist packaging–a first in the food industry. The bottles are flint glass and proprietary solely to the company. First grade Italian beech wood is used for PRIMVS handmade caps.

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