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Today, many companies claim their products are high definition. This is the new “high fidelity”. It is a marketing catch phrase but for Onkyo this is not just words, it is a way of life. For 65 years Onkyo engineers have continuously innovated to deliver better quality and better sound. The reason is simple; Onkyo believes in the power of sound. Music is the genesis of ideas; it inspires love, brings people together and can heal the soul.

As technologies improve and converge, usage patterns will change. Besides entertainment, our future products will allow you to learn, create and communicate. Some things won’t change: buying Onkyo’s “luxury electronics” will continue to make you proud to invite people into your home. Others will: the lines between product and service, hardware and software, contents and machine, digital and analog will all blur and Onkyo shifts its focus from simply making products to creating a true sense organ experience.

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