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Magna Cart

Magna Cart

WelCom Products had its humble beginnings in founder Kerry Welsh’s garage in late-1997. By 2002, WelCom Products began selling its first generation folding hand truck, the MC – Magna Cart™. The MC was one of the first telescoping hand trucks; ushering in a new era of portable hand trucks. In 2005, the MCX – Magna Cart™ Personal was born with smaller dimensions, and nearly half the weight of the original MC. It worked – perfectly. The MCX effectively combined the best attributes of a hand truck - with the light weight of luggage cart - and none of the downsides. Before long, it became the best seller in the line.

2010 was an important milestone for the company – the introduction of the world’s first fully compact, 4-wheeled hand truck. Making it compact was possible – but, keeping it portable and simple was difficult. The FF – Flatform Truck™ was ushered in early 2010 to wide acclaim. By the end of the lengthy research and development process, it accomplished all of its goals. The Magna Cart™ and Flatform Truck™ line of 2 and 4 wheeled hand trucks are the most important innovations in hand trucks in decades. At the time of this writing, millions are sold in 15 countries worldwide.

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