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Macon & Lesquoy

Macon & Lesquoy

When the daughters of an antique dealer and an astrophysicist meet, they indulge in their natural urge to tell stories. Stories about
matter and substance, sewn stories, unstitched and undone, their
stories, and the ones they enjoy inventing, are what Marie
Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy have been doing through their collections of accessories since 2009.

Putting new products on the market in a society that needs no more,
Macon&Lesquoy made a point of “designing something useful made precious”. All that remained was to find its function! By distorting the process of embroidery, they both imagined small jewels that can mend our moth-eaten cashmere sweaters, stained trench-coats, and all the other sentimental items in our closets we cannot resolve to get rid of.

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