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Established in 2006, a fledgling business was set up in a tiny 300 square foot showroom in Hong Kong selling cowhides and throws. Today, Faux is a well-established boutique rug and homeware company with a 3,000 square foot showroom in Ap Lei Chau. Faux’s luxurious rug collections include the expanded lines of leather patchwork and exotic wild game hides and rugs from Africa and South America. Faux also offers fine, beautifully designed silk, wool and organic rugs from Nepal, India and Tibet. Homeware collections include throws, ottomans, beanbags, cushions and ottomans as well as accessories and giftware.

Collaborating with artists, designers and print makers from around the world, Faux’s “Artists Editions” and “Faux Originals” divisions are a unique collaboration between Faux and artists and designers to create functional art. This allows them to gain exposure in mediums not traditionally associated with their work. In addition, Faux’s

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