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A home of many expressions, Britto Central offers fine art to collectors across the globe, bringing master works on canvas, sculpture and object d'art to the public. Amongst the art are formal displays, photos, memorabilia and perhaps a stray paintbrush, which provide a glimpse into Romero Britto's creative world. It is here where a talented artist, whose history is dedicated to the play of vibrant colors, finds a home in which his art drapes every surface for not just a few, but for the joy of everyone.

Born in Brazil, Romero Britto came to the United States in 1983 seeking new experiences that he might integrate into his art. He has stayed faithful to his belief that his artistic efforts be shared with others and enjoyed by many. Today, Britto's worked is collected and shown around the world, from Asia to South America and across Europe. Yet, Britto Central still remains the home where the first strokes of color manifest his vision.

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