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The Dash by Bragi is the world’s first Hearable, a smart wearable system that is worn in your ears. This pair of truly wireless smart earphones allows you to listen to music, track your performance and communicate.
The Dash’s design and state of the art technology allows freedom of movement, great sound and maximum comfort – all while tracking movement, capturing biometric data and providing live acoustic feedback. The Dash’s user interface encompasses audio and voice feedback, body and motion gestures, a novel optical touch interface and biometric sensors. The Dash entertains, enables and protects you.

The outer surface of The Dash contains a high-resolution optical touch interface called EarTouch. All music, telephony and tracking functions are controlled with finger swipes and taps – even while swimming. Enhanced safety is delivered through Audio Transparency, increasing awareness of your surroundings. The sounds of oncoming cars, cyclists or peoples voices can be heard clearly while wearing The Dash.

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