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Product Information

Olivia是一個紮著雙馬尾的可愛小女孩,是西班牙藝術家Edgar Plans為其女兒所創作的藝術品。藝術家沿用其最具標識的蒙面小英雄造型,將Olivia刻畫成一個認真讀書的小女孩形象。Edgar希望通過文字賦予Olivia無盡的想像力,並從不同的文字中收穫成長的力量,最終成為任意一個想要成為的角色,可以是英雄,可以是藝術家,可以是任何人。

本品為K11 MUSEA粉色季限定款。

About Artist
Edgar Plans is a Spanish contemporary artist with strong passion in street art and urban art. Inspired by the spontaneity, sincerity, vitality and energy of children’s drawings, he always wants to transform it into paintings. Currently he is internationally recognized for his child-like characters, the Animal Heroes, and his colorful, expressive and lively style.

His works were featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Padre Gallery and the Unit London. And part of Edgar Plans's works have been offered at auction multiple times.

Edgar Plans 是西班牙當代藝術家,熱衷於街頭藝術。他認爲街頭塗鴉是一種非常自由的藝術表現,就像孩子們的創作一樣。因此,他從小朋友最真誠、活力、隨意與自由的塗鴉表現擷取靈感,創作了一個個廣為人知的Animal Hero,將小孩子內心深處的想法以塗鴉的方式呈現出來。 其作品曾於紐約Padre Gallery、倫敦Unit London 等大型畫廊及博物館展出,更在不同的拍賣會上屢創紀錄。


Edgar Plans


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