Mr Doodle Limited Edition Mooncake Boxset

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K11 MUSEA Presents Mr Doodle Limited Edition Mooncake Boxset 

Known for his signature doodles and ‘Graffiti Spaghetti’, Mr Doodle (artist Samuel Cox)’s intricately interwoven clusters of creatures, objects and patterns propelled him to international fame as one of the art world’s most beloved creatives. His sartorial eccentricity and black-and-white creations have brought delight and levity to the mundane world, reaching audiences worldwide through his numerous collaborations with prominent lifestyle and fashion brands. Mr Doodle’s hand drawn imagery has created an entirely new visual phenomenon that’s unique to his generation, where his universal doodle language resonates with people from all corners of the world, bringing a sense of wonder and hope. 

This year, K11 MUSEA is delighted to invite Mr Doodle to bring his jovial creativity to K11’s Mid-Autumn festivities. Debuting doodles akin to those in his Caravan Chaos series on a one-of-a-kind mooncake box with matching outer packaging, the design pays homage to the lantern-lighting tradition unique to this Chinese festival. The Mid-Autumn celebration is a time dedicated to family reunions, and Mr Doodle’s fun creation reflects the joyous occasion with numerous smiley faces and hidden Mid-Autumn motifs decorating the exterior. A collaboration that infuses artistic creativity with tradition, the mooncake box highlights the coming together of innovation with age-old tradition to produce a truly unique piece of art. 

The Mr Doodle Limited Edition Mooncake Boxset is limited to 500 units, and will be available for purchase on K11 ESHOP and K11 Design Store starting 20 August 2021. 


K11 MUSEA 呈獻Mr Doodle 限量版月餅禮盒

來自英國、外號Mr Doodle的山姆・考克斯(Samuel Cox)以標誌性的即興黑白塗鴉,開創別樹一幟的視覺風格。作品中密集繁衍的卡通人物、物件、字符與圖形,極盡光怪陸離,吸引數以百萬網上藝術社群關注,更使他成為舉世知名、深受愛戴的藝術界代表。Mr Doodle 亦與時尙及生活品牌進行跨界合作,聲名與日俱增。他獨特的塗鴉語言打破國界,引起普世共鳴,帶來無限幻想與希望。

今年中秋佳節,K11 MUSEA 很高興邀請Mr Doodle 將他滿載歡欣的創意首度注入月餅禮盒設計。是次作品將中秋節日圖案,巧妙摻雜其著名「瘋狂旅行車」系列(Caravan Chaos)元素,糅合中國傳統與西方風尚。讓你在享受中秋天倫樂之時,亦能從盒上獨特的藝術語言獲得視覺滿足。月餅禮盒另以印上Mr Doodle 塗鴉的精美紙盒包裝,再添一重收藏價值。


Mr Doodle 月餅禮盒全球限量500套,將於2021年8月20日起接受網上公開預訂。

6 Mooncakes per set 一盒六個月餅

- Traditional White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes with Two Yolks 2 pcs (兩個傳統雙黃白蓮蓉月餅)

- Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes 2 pcs (兩個迷你蛋黃奶皇月餅)

- Mini Earl Grey Custard Mooncakes 2 pcs (兩個迷你伯爵茶奶皇月餅)

It can be used as a photospheres. (Lights is not included in the Gift Box.)

放置任何發光物在內,可用作家居裝飾 (禮盒內不包含燈飾)

Additional items! 可另外加購迷你LED燈

Lexon Mina M LED Portable Color Lights



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