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Ozoneo Air Deodorizer - Pink



Maxell MXAP-AR201 Ionized Wind Deodorizer adopted latest patented Japan technology, capable to generate 3 times more amount of ions, decompose bacteria, viruses, and odor with its strong oxidizing power, any nasty odor come from clothes, shoes or any other places will be wiped out by Maxell MXAP-AR201 Ionized wind deodorizer, giving you clean, fresh and comfortable living space!


Using latest MRD(Multiplex Ring Discharge) patented Japan technology, generate 3 times more amount of ions.

- High efficiency on deodorization and disinfection

- Compact size and light

- Fanless design providing quiet environment

- Filterless design, Eco-friendly and cost saving

- Wide application areas such as kitchen, office, living room or odour from pets, etc

- Li-Ion battery Inside・・・・Normal Mode: around 24hrs , High Mode; around 8.5hrs

- High/Normal mode for various room size. High: 12 ~ 32㎡; Normal: 4 ~ 8㎡

- 8 hrs Timer mode

- Power supply by DC5V USB (with adaptor), low power consumption.

- Wide temperature working range 0 – 40℃. (Battery Charging temperature: 5 ~ 40℃)

- Coverage Area: Normal mode : 1.5~3㎡, High mode : 5~13㎡


- Model: MXAP-AR201

- Product dimension: 70(W) x 70(D) x 186(H) mm

- Input/ Output: Power Input : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (BS approved AC-DC adaptor)

- Output Voltage: AC adaptor output : DC5V/1A(max)

- Safety Protection: Auto Power off when discharge plate is not installed properly or removed. Short circuit protection for ion discharge plate.

- Weight: Approx. 370g

- Accessories AC-DC Adaptor with USB port x 1, USB cable 1.8m x 1, Chinese & English User Manual x 1

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