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Klub11 Membership

Good news! Starting from 30 th Sept, 2017, you could also apply for Klub 11 membership when you register as K11 Design Store member on K11 Design Store online store (“online store”).


Why apply for Klub 11 membership?

If you register and purchase on K11 Design Store online shop for more than HKD$50 net transaction value, you could become Klub 11 member and enjoy exclusive privileges. Please visit for more info.


How to apply for Klub 11 membership?

-        Existing customer. If you have created customer account on online store already. Please follow the procedures below:

  • Login to online store with your customer account
  • Go to “My Account” à “Account Information”
  • Click “Apply for Klub 11 membership” and complete the required procedures

-        New customer. If you are new to online store, you may directly register also at the “NEW CUSTOMER REGISTRATION” form.


After registration, you have to use the registered account to purchase on online store for more than HKD$50 net transaction value in order to activate the Klub 11 membership.



1.     Could I earn K-dollar and DS dollar when I purchase on online store?

If you have registered and successfully become Klub 11 member according to the above procedures “How to apply for Klub 11 membership?”, you could earn K-dollar and DS dollar.


2.     I have purchased on online store before, would my previous transactions be counted if I register Klub membership now?

Sorry, all transaction(s) made by an online store customer account prior to Klub membership registration would not be counted.


3.     I am Klub 11 member already, what should I do?

You could log in to your K11 APP with your Klub member account and access online store for purchase.

If you do not have K11 APP, you could download here.


4.     Could I visit online store website directly to purchase?

If you have completed the procedures listed in FAQ#3 and successfully bundled your Klub account with online store account, you could login online store website with your Klub account and make purchase.


5.     I am a Klub member and have purchased on online store before. Would my previous transactions earn K-dollar and DS dollar?

Sorry, only the transaction(s) fulfilling all of the below criteria be counted:

-            Transaction(s) made on or after 30 th Sept, 2017

-            Transaction(s) made with the Klub 11 account registered on online store


6.     Can I see my online store transactions on K11 APP if I am Klub 11 member?

Yes, if the transaction(s) fulfill the criteria listed in FAQ#5.

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