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The new DRAGON Casual II pollution mask is designed for people who are looking for the most advanced protection against toxic air pollutants and at the same time don't want to give up on a unique design and style. The new structure and the use of lightweight, single-layer technical fabric enables the most breathable mask ever created. Multilayer changeable filters prevent lungs from penetration of contaminants, which improves quality of inhaled air and protects against harmful smog impact.

The N99 activated carbon filter captures 99.9% of harmful dusts (PM2.5 and PM10), exhaust gases, tobacco smoke and 99.97% of pollutants from the inhaled air. The new mask cut, combined with the soft touch of the external material, delicate ribbons and the hidden nose clip, allows to fit mask tightly and comfortably to the face. The plastic, one-way DRAGON Hex valve provides optimal airflow when breathing out and lets out the exhaled moist air.



Dimension A

Dimension B


10,7 cm

44,5 - 51,5 cm


11,5 cm

46- 54,5 cm


13 cm

52- 56,5 cm

How to make head measurements:

  1. Dimension A- measure the distance between 1/3 of the length of the nose and the end of the beard.

  2. Dimension B- measure head circuit at nose level (measured from the tip of the nose, through middle of the ear, back of the head, center of the second ear, up to the tip of the nose).

How to choose a size based on measurements:

Choose the size, which dimension A is closest to the dimension A of the face, and the dimension B of the head, which is within the range of dimension B, as shown in size chart.

If size B would be at the top of the range or dimension A would be close to size A smaller than dimension B, it is recommended to consider buying a larger size mask.


Dragon Mask

Brand Origin

S: for small children
M: for older children and women with small type of body
L: for tall men and women

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