The Scoop Stainless Steel Coffee Measuring Spoon - Black

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This spoon has been specially designed and developed to improve the functionalities of a traditional measure spoon.

Featuring a unique ‘scoop’ that simply allows you to measure out 6ml teaspoon or 15ml tablespoon of coffee. It is also shaped in such a way that the coffee grounds pour smoothly. The long handle lets you reach in to coffee bags easily without a mess and has a soft silicone finish which makes it comfortable to hold.

• Easily Measure and Serve Coffee

The unique scoop design and tapered edge makes it easy to measure coffee
or any food stuff directly from the bag first time.

• Non Slip Handle

The extended handle allows you to reach the bottom of a bag and the soft
touch silicone sleeve makes it comfortable to hold.

• Internal Measure Marks

6ml teaspoon and 15ml tablespoon marks that are perfect for measuring
powders and even liquids, a simple and effective kitchen essential.

• Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

Up to 5mm thick 18/8 food safe medical grade coated stainless steel that is
long lasting and durable. It’s contrasting brushed and gloss electroplated
finish makes the Scoop Spoon a luxurious accessory.

• Packaging: Boxed
• Dims: 4cm x 17.5cm x 2.3cm


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