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Handmade Pouch

Creamy Head
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Creamy Head is a brand created by Creamy, a young local designer based in Hong Kong.


Creamy, also known as “Kee Lim Sung”, infatuation of Christianity. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She loves cat, eating, design, observation, sleeping, photography, painting & most importantly, infatuation of the almighty God.

Creamy head, Creamy's personal character,is a kind girl who always tries to help people and makes them happy. Originally, her head is in pure white color. However, years go by, the color was changed from white to yellow, and some black dots were growing too - it is because sometimes she got a naughty mind. But after she met Jesus Christ, the most important one in her life, her head is striving to become pure white. She loves her Lord God with her whole heart, and with all her soul, and with all her strength.

More Information
Brand Creamy Head
Materials Cotton
Brand Origin Hong Kong
Designer Creamy
Contents Detachable shoulder chains, main compartment with clasp fastening
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