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Founded in 2016, The Art of Scribble came from scribbling. Anyone can scribble their thoughts freely and we believe the scribbling is art.

We scribble curious moments of life on t-shirts. Witty graphics, Special technique, Creative Collaboration, and Young Culture.

The biggest character of The Art of Scribble is a witty graphic. Humorous graphics are easy to understand for everyone and our plays with words make you giggle and smile.

The Art of Scribble uses a special technique, "Sun-tech". We print graphics using ink only activated by sunlight. Our magical Sun-tech stirs your imagination and curiosity.



1. What is Sun-tech graphics?

Sun-tech graphics are graphics printed by Sun-tech Ink. Sun-tech ink is a special ink that activates by only sunlight and UV light.


2. Does it activate immediately by sunlight?

When a sun-tech graphic is exposed to sunlight or UV light, it gradually shows its shape and colour (red, yellow, green, blue) and finally show it’s vivid colour. If it’s a bright sunny day, Sun-tech graphic just needs a few seconds to be activated. If you move to a place where you are less exposed to sunlight or UV such as indoors, the graphic will slowly fade out and it will be hidden again.


3. Is it okay to wash? The effect will last after washing?

It is okay to wash and the effect will last after washing. However, for longer effect, Special Washing Care is needed.


4. What is Special Wash Care?

1) Inside Out: Wash inside out / Dry inside out / Iron inside out

* Especially when drying, do not expose to direct sunlight. Because the ink/print will keep activated by the light. Continuous exposure under the light will over-activate the ink, then the effect will be diminished.

2) Do Not Bleach: Bleach will affect a lot to the sun-tech ink. Please do not add bleach when washing.

3) Other Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius / Do not tumble dry / Iron up to 110 degrees Celsius / Do not dry clean


5. How long does the effect last?

It lasts more than 300 times of washes. However, if you place sun-tech graphic tees where it gets direct sunlight for a long time, the effect will be diminished fast. For this reason, we recommend not to display the sun-tech tees where it can be exposed to sunlight directly.


6. How to see the effect indoor?

You can use UV Flashlight to demonstrate sun-tech effect inside the store. However, the effect is much stronger when it gets sunlight outdoor. When there is no UV flashlight, please show the paper hang tag on each garment to your customers. It shows the graphic prints before and after sunlight exposure.



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