Best Seller: Milk Chocolate & Flakes Peanuts by Nicolas Vahé Small and delightful crunchy peanuts and cornflakes that are covered with the very best milk chocolate. These small choco peanuts are irresistible when paired with a great cup of coffee or tea. Store closed in a cool and dry place.

“LOVE FOR THE GOOD TASTE” - For Nicolas Vahé it is all about simplicity and a professional approach to food. The gourmet brand Nicolas Vahé is born out of a lifelong passion for good food, and today the collection includes a wide range of products containing delicacies, drinks and accessories. All products are developed and based on a strong philosophy and love of food as well as good ingredients.

Only ingredients of the highest quality
All products are made with the best ingredients, and excellence is therefore a given. In addition, we always try to create surprising flavours and combine ingredients in a way that you will not find elsewhere. Good food does not have to be complicated – it is often simpler than you would think, and we want to open your eyes and taste buds to how classic ingredients can give you an entirely new taste experience. With Nicolas Vahé’s products you will always get an experience beyond the ordinary. Both when it comes to ingredients and packaging, which we see as an important aspect of the experience as well. It tells a story that creates an inspiring atmosphere and makes sense in your daily cooking routine.

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