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With its straightforward setup and elegant design, the Aarke Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker lets you quickly and easily create sparkling water with style. Its compact body and stainless steel enclosure also allows it to withstand day-to-day usage without taking up too much counter top space.

We strive to constantly refining our products. For the Carbonator 3, the majority of the components essential for the functionality and safety have been re-engineered leading to an outstanding quality feel, a more intuitive functionality, better carbonation efficiency and the a world-class safety. Not much of this work can be seen on the outside of the product. Why change a modern classic design icon? We have perfected some details, for example the striking stainless steel precision nozzle as well as the steel end cap of the handle. Both these updates goes along with our ambition to constantly remove as much plastic as we can.

Carbonator 3 New features

1. Stainless steel precision nozzle
The most striking new feature of the Carbonator 3 is the precision nozzle
which is CNC-machined from a single piece of stainless steel. The result is a beautiful new polished steel nozzle which gives a calm and controlled spray beam. This leads to a more efficient absorption of CO2 in the water and a perfect bubble size.

2. New lever end cap in steel
The new end cap of the lever is made in stainless steel with a striking spinning polish.

3. New valve sound
Carbonator 3 has a new pressure release valve with a quieter, more sophisticated sound to signal when the water is carbonated.

4. More efficient carbonation
The carbonation system of Carbonator 3 is tuned to offer a more efficient carbonation process and less gas consumption compared to previous generations.

5. Damper controlled lever
The lever movement is controlled by a rotational damper to allow for a more controlled release of pressure in the bottle. It also allows a higher filling line of the bottle without leading to performance issues. The damper adds to the sophistication of the mechanical movement of the lever.



Brand Origin

Polished stainless steel with white finish.
BPA-free PET water bottle and stainless steel drip tray included.
Cordless and electricity-free.

414x153x258 mm

1450 g

Included in the Box
Carbonator 3
PET Water Bottle
Drip Tray
Cleaning Cloth

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