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A Guangcai Porcelain Tea Caddy and Cover with Lychee Pattern

K11 Craft & Guild Foundation
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Height: 9.5cm, Diameter: 10cm


“When a horse courier gallops across the land at full speed and the concubine smiles, who would know it is the lychees arriving?” This poem by Tang-Dynasty poet Du Mu shows how the fruit lychee, native to the Lingnan region, has been famous throughout history, and considered a symbol of Lingnan culture. The jubilantly red and fruitful lychee represents the harvest of a prosperous year. The freshness of a picked lychee is short-lived, as the ancient saying goes “The colour deteriorates in a day and the fragrance fades on the second day.” A fresh lychee is also known as danlì because of its fiery shade.

About K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

KCG is Asia’s first and unique creative platform for cultural contemplation focusing on conserving and preserving Chinese traditional craftsmanship. By identifying fast-disappearing crafts, building research initiatives related to Hong Kong and Greater China and engaging the public, we provide opportunities for learning and exchange of ideas about challenges and resolutions on the future development of contemporary craftsmanship and international significance, aiming at rejuvenating the endangered artistry and creating social impact.

Adrian Cheng, Cultural Entrepreneur and Founder of K11 Art Foundation and Culture for Tomorrow, founded the non-profit foundation K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) in 2018, with the aim to conserve and preserve fast-disappearing Chinese traditional craftsmanship, educate the general public of Hong Kong and Greater China on social contemplation in a multi-disciplinary approach and crafting the future of our living culture, enrich our urban experiences through supporting heritage, creativity and contemporary innovations. KCG is a platform for research, experimentation and new ideas.

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Materials Guangcai Porcelain
Brand K11 Craft & Guild Foundation
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