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A Guangcai Porcelain Ashtray with Crest Symbol and Pine Tree and Grapes Pattern

K11 Craft & Guild Foundation
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Width: 17cm  Length: 16.5cm


The firm of Samson et Cie, was founded in Paris in 1845 by Edme Samson (1810-91) originally specialising in the production of good quality copies of porcelain pieces in museums and renowned private collections. This cigar ashtray was one of the signature guangcai porcelain pieces of Samson. The painting along the rim is the traditional Chinese pattern of squirrels and grapes, an auspicious symbol. The bountiful grapes have the meaning of ‘many’. The lively squirrels, with the Zodiac of the Rat being ‘the hour of children’ in the Chinese twelve divisions of the day, have the meaning of ‘posterity’. This motif of squirrels and grapes is an auspicious allegory to having many children and blessings, with the further meaning of endless happiness and posterity.

About K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Founded by Adrian Cheng in 2018, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) is a registered charity of arts and culture in Hong Kong.

We are cultural crafters who conserve and rejuvenate fast-disappearing Chinese craftsmanship to create craft ecosystem with sustainable social impact. By incorporating Creating Shared Value (CSV) to bring crafts, businesses and society together, we make crafts more accessible to community, educate the public with research initiatives and curate collaborations with artisans, aiming to bridge the gap between culture and economy.

Adrian Cheng, Cultural Entrepreneur and Founder of K11 Art Foundation and Culture for Tomorrow, founded the charity to provide an innovative platform to promote Chinese craftsmanship, with an aim to educate the general public of Hong Kong and Greater China on social contemplation in a multi-disciplinary approach and crafting the future of our living culture through supporting heritage, creativity and contemporary innovations. KCG is a platform for research, experimentation and new ideas.

K11 Craft & Guild Foundation(KCG)由鄭志剛(Adrian Cheng)於2018 年成立,是於香港註冊的藝術及文化慈善機構。


基金會由身兼 K11 Art Foundation 、Culture for Tomorrow創辦人的文化企業家鄭志剛(Adrian Cheng)創立,致力打造推廣中國傳統工藝的創意平台,於香港乃至大中華地區教育大眾以多角度反思社會及攜手共建未來的生活文化,並通過支持文化遺產、創意及當代創意來豐富現代生活體驗。KCG是一個為研究、實驗和新思維而設的平台。

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Materials Guangcai Porcelain
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