A Colour-Incised 'Peach Blossom and Bird' Lacquer Box

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Peach blossoms in full bloom while the finch chirps. Finely feathered, the finch leaps to life. Flowers will blossom again, and life will endure.

These are elaborately painted on lacquered tires of various colours using assorted enamels and gold and silver powders, and a specialised paintbrush. The colour palette must be accurate, while the colour embellishment should be rich and natural. Available in miaoqi (lacquered decoration), miaojin (gilt outlines), soujin (gold-powdered), and pingjin (gold-leafed). Reminiscent of Chinese paintings, these products are painted with exact delineation and rich colours. They are lively yet refined, with an elegant and timeless quality. They demonstrate a perfect fusion of emotion and the natural scene. The outstanding pieces are lavishly decorated. Soujin products, on the other hand, feature distinct layers, blending subtle and bold elements. They feature a simple yet strong design that carries deep meaning. Pingjin products are even more splendidly gilt. The term ‘pingjin’ refers to the technique of applying gold leaf to lacquer. The ratio of gold to adhesive must be adjusted based on the climate. The gold glue must be applied evenly. This is a demanding technique. The temperature must be controlled. The application must be flat, firm, clean, bright and without any obvious interface. The gold must not be mixed or rubbed.

Incising and inlay
Incising and inlay are applied on top of the painted surface. After painting, patterns are outlined in thin lines using a special hooked blade. This is called ‘cutting’ or ‘incising’. The depth and thickness of the lines must be even and consistent. The gold adhesive is applied and then gold and silver powder inlaid. The lines must be solidly and cleanly filled. These products feature smooth lines and patterned brocade ground. They are colourful with an opulent appeal.


以各色漆胎為畫面,以各種色漆及金銀粉為顏料,以特製的畫筆為工具,精心描繪。調色要準確,潤彩要豐富自然。細分之,又有描漆、描金、搜金、平金之別。這類產品猶如國畫中的工筆重彩,生動而細膩,典雅而雋秀,情景交融,燦如錦繡。搜金產品則虛實相間,層次分明,蒼勁古樸,意味深沉。而平金產品更顯現出金碧輝煌的特徵。所謂「平金」,即在漆胎上敷貼金箔。要根據氣候變化,掌握好金膠的調配比例。 塗金膠要均勻。貼金要掌握火候,平整、嚴實、光潔、鮮亮、無明顯介面,不混金,不蹭金。



K11 Craft & Guild Foundation

Brand Origin
Hong Kong

Width 28cm, Height 7cm

Wood, Mother-of-pearl

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