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Key Organizer Classic - Red

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Rethinking Design. Simple. Good.


The Keychain of the 21st Century.

Wunderkey transforms every keychain into an elegant accessory. With a single turn, the right key is unfolded. No annoying jingling of the keys. No torn trouser pockets.

Time for Wunderkey

We use our keys on average 6 times a day, for a total of 157,626 times in our lives. We spend 228 hours of our life searching for the right key. It's time for Wunderkey.

The Best or Nothing.

This was our motto during the conception of Wunderkey. In our opinion, a product that you have in your hand several times a day should be perfect. Down to the last detail.


Wunderkey puts an end to any key chaos. Due to the fixed arrangement of the keys in the Wunderkey, you intuitively always reach for the right key after a short familiarization period. As a result, the right key is quickly unfolded with one hand - even in the dark.

The Original Collection

Wunderkey Classic is made of anodized aerospace grade aluminium. Smoothly rounded edges provide pleasant haptics and handling. Done entirely in a German manufacture. Highest reliability due to high quality stainless steel screw elements.

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