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The Bedroom in Arles Collection - Dessert Tray

K11 x Van Gogh Museum
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This limited edition K11 x Van Gogh Museum collection features Van Gogh’s world-renowned artwork “The Bedroom in Arles” on a selection of collectible lifestyle products, injecting artistic charisma into your home.


The work is characterized by bright, contrasting planes of thickly applied paint and a curious three-dimensional effect. The rear wall of the room appears to stand at a strange angle to the other walls, an actual observation by the painter. Other objects seem to stand or lie at unnatural angles as Van Gogh did not strictly apply the rules of perspective. He had consciously painted the interior ‘flat’ and excluded all shadows to make the work resemble a Japanese print. The simple interior and clear colors were intended to put the viewer's mind and imagination at rest.

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Brand K11 x Van Gogh Museum
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