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    K11 Design Store believes that good design touches one’s heart and opens up new imagination in the Conceptual Age. Through artisanal craftsmanship, designers create an artistic soul in each product we selected for the Art Central. Every piece comes with their own story, waiting to add inspiration to your life.

    This year, K11 Design Store returns to Art Central with over 10 international brands and 250 pieces of products meticulously sourced from around the world. Highlights include: Artlavie, the Golden Pin Design Award Winner, designed by the reputed Yin Jiulong; Loveramics, winner of the Reddot Design Award and IF Design Award; exclusive flower-themed scarf collections by renowned British designer Leanne Claxton; Sand Art from Austria; the Cubic Aquarium Systems and much more. 

    K11 Design Store深信只有打動人心的設計品,才能迎合新的創感時代。設計師們通過匠心的雕琢,為產品賦予藝術及人性化的靈魂。所以,每件我們為Art Central挑選的設計師品牌總帶着動人的故事,為你的生活添上靈感。

    今次,K11 Design Store特別為Art Central從世界各地搜羅十多個國際品牌,精心挑選超過250件產品,當中包括曾獲金點設計獎由著名設計師殷九龍創立的品牌Artlavie、Reddot 設計大獎及IF設計大獎得主 Loveramics 、英國設計師Leanne Claxton特意為K11設計以花為主題的頸巾系列、從奧地利亞獨家引入香港的藝術沙畫以及全港唯一迷你水母水族館等,讓藝術為你的生活添上色彩,感受每一件設計品背後的理念和故事。

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  2. 設計大師Philippe Starck香水"Starck Parfums"矚目登場

    從改建法國總統官邸愛麗舍宮,至家具及服裝設計,法國鬼才設計師Philippe Starck早已用自己旗幟鮮明的設計風格征服世界。今次,他聯合Artisan Product Power於亞洲首次發布STARCK PARIS香水系列,以香氣來表達自己,聯同三名調香師製作一系列三款名為Peau de Soie、Peau de Pierre及Peau d'Ailleurs的香水,譜下出人意表的香氣詩歌, 氣味如字,皮膚像紙,帶來無限可能。

    Artisan Product Power聯乘西班牙香水廠Perfumes y Diseño將STARCK PARIS Peau系列首次於亞洲發佈。系列將於 2017年1 月13日起,於K11 Design Store 率先發售。

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  3. Best Seller: Miniwallet Vintage by SECRID

    Miniwallet Vintage by SECRID is another best seller at K11 Design Store. The brand SECRID is from the Netherlands where its founders have been designing innovative leather wallet to make Holland back to the leather industry. Based on the SECRID Cardprotector, the Miniwallet is both a compact and secure wallet. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector, the interior offers space for a few cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and some coins. The Miniwallet is compact and, because of the press stud closure, easy to carry.

    About the Vintage Leather

    Vintage is the name we use for our corrected grain leather with an aniline finish which is made from European cowhides and becomes more personal with use.

    About SECRID

    Change is the only constant in life. Coins and paper money have served as the primary method of payment for centuries. The arrival of high-tech cards caused a rapid replacement of these traditional means of payment. This new era of technology calls for an innovative type of wallet. One that protects both your privacy and your money. The SECRID wallet does exactly that both in terms of security and style. SECRID wallets are small on the outside but surprisingly big on the inside. Each SECRID wallet incorporates the ultra-thin aluminium Cardprotector.

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  4. Best Seller: Flamingo Pouch by Woouf

    This Woouf pouch stands out from the crowd with the interesting pattern of flamingos and the eye-catching natural blue on it. It is just the thing to keep all of your many other things from disappearing. You can also use it as a bag as the size is quite large, a lot of tiny little things can be put in it. It is made from sturdy canvas with embossed leather label and it's truly a most stylish way to store & protect your daily essentials. There are so many more patterns that you can choose from! Which one do you like the best?

    About Woouf

    Woouf is a Spanish brand established in 2008 in Barcelona. After 10 years working in the fashion industry, Pablo Martinez and Alice Penaud decided to apply their knowledge to interior design to create a unique and original brand, Woouf! They started designing an unconventional collection of bean bags inspired by urban culture, music, art and every day object which has grown through the years with other products categories, always designed for young and imaginative people. With a production 100% made in Barcelona, quality, design and functionality are the leitmotiv of Woouf! Today Woouf is distributed in more than 25 countries and can be delivered everywhere thanks to the online shop.

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  5. Best Seller: SOFT PERFUME – COPACABANA by Sabé Masson

    SOFT PERFUME – COPACABANA is one the of best sellers in K11 Design Store. It is the product of a French brand called Sabé Masson.

    The fragrance of this soft perfume gives you a sensation of sunny, breezy and tropical. It is inspired by the world's beautiful sandy beach, Copacabana, totally intoxicating. The Soft Perfume is the "Princess of the sea, half-moon of golden sand transcended by music, and the scent of flowers thrown into the ocean."

    Take a mini holiday with fresh petit grain, sweet violet, juicy orange flower and warm amber now!!

    About Sabé Masson

    Sabé Masson has the remarkable and identifiable expertise in creating a brand new product called the Soft Perfume: The scent of care with the thousand virtues.

    Sabé Masson’s Soft Perfumes are associated with beautiful perfumery and cosmetic ingredients that are rich in natural substances. Without alcohol and paraben, Soft Perfumes bind the pure emotion of the perfume to the virtues of care that offers our skin softness and respect.

    The Soft Perfume is deliberately designed, created, formulated and manufactured in France. People are astonished with this product and they ask questions about the brand and its production and eventually flourish a certain addiction in their mind.

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  6. Best Seller: Milk Chocolate & Flakes Peanuts by Nicolas Vahé

    Best Seller: Milk Chocolate & Flakes Peanuts by Nicolas Vahé Small and delightful crunchy peanuts and cornflakes that are covered with the very best milk chocolate. These small choco peanuts are irresistible when paired with a great cup of coffee or tea. Store closed in a cool and dry place.

    “LOVE FOR THE GOOD TASTE” - For Nicolas Vahé it is all about simplicity and a professional approach to food. The gourmet brand Nicolas Vahé is born out of a lifelong passion for good food, and today the collection includes a wide range of products containing delicacies, drinks and accessories. All products are developed and based on a strong philosophy and love of food as well as good ingredients.

    Only ingredients of the highest quality
    All products are made with the best ingredients, and excellence is therefore a given. In addition, we always try to create surprising flavours and combine ingredients in a way that you will not find elsewhere. Good food does not have to be complicated – it is often simpler than you would think, and we want to open your eyes and taste buds to how classic ingredients can give you an entirely new taste experience. With Nicolas Vahé’s products you will always get an experience beyond the ordinary. Both when it comes to ingredients and packaging, which we see as an important aspect of the experience as well. It tells a story that creates an inspiring atmosphere and makes sense in your daily cooking routine.

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  7. 音樂人雷頌德創立具英倫風個人品牌"martian"

    雷頌德(Mark)和K11聯乘推出個人時尚品牌「martian」,並於12月8日K11 Design Store The Glittery Christmas Party中發佈。一眾娛樂圈中好朋包括方力申、黃長興、張美儀及太太梁家玉(Jade) 等更現身支持。Mark亦分別為好友送上各種不同的聯乘產品致謝。「martian」將會不斷推出新作,雷頌德預告接下來不止會推出男士用品,各種跟生活有關的個人物品都會有所涉獵。

    當日有超過200人出席K11 Design Store The Glittery Christmas Party,人氣旺盛。K11 Design Store聯同多個K11商戶提供特別購物優惠,來賓在購物的同時,可以參加在場多個工作坊,更可以一邊享受威士忌及香檳,一邊欣賞多個本地樂手的現場表演,派對揚溢著歡樂的節日氣氛。

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  8. Claxton: Let it Blossom! The Bespoke Luxury

    K11 Design Store The Glittery Christmas Party於2016年12月8日成功舉行,是次派對除了邀請到香港著名音樂人雷頌德及知名藝人支持,還有遠道而來的英國著名時裝藝術家兼Claxton品牌的創辦人Leanne Claxton現身派對。Leanne更於派對中即席創作,於K11 Design Store的玻璃廚窗上繪畫,畫出一大片花的圖案,感覺十分優雅,得到眾多來賓的青睞,相信大家當日都被Leanne的才華所迷倒了。

    Leanne設計的絲巾更是以花為靈感,製作別具特色。由絲巾的設計到製作都是由她一手包辦!欣賞一下以下短片,睇下Claxton 最新2016年冬季特別版絲巾,了解下製作一條Artisanal絲巾的不容易以及Leanne的工匠精神!


         Claxton: The Bespoke Collection - Winter 2016



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  9. 宋冬: 換個角度看世界 世界就會改變

    為了此次《坐井觀天》展覽,宋冬特別與K11合作設計了一件「可帶回家的藝術品」,以「坐井觀天」為模型的限量萬花筒,全球限量2,000個萬花筒早前已於K11 Design Store 獨家全部售罄,反應非常熱烈。不同讓宋冬先生為大家介紹一下這個獨一無二的「坐井觀天萬花筒」吧!






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  10. 宋冬:「隱」和「顯」的藝術生活

    Content Curated by CoBo Social


    「藝術和我的生活邊界很模糊」,宋冬說。藝術不斷地在發展,投入創作的時間是無止境,家就是成為了工作室,工作室也成為了家,每天就生活在藝術裡。時間的定義對宋冬來說就更模糊了,有很多的作品都還沒有發表,它們會存在在生活中很長時間,也消化在生活中。像《與「自然物」培養感情》(1994開始至今)至今未發表,又或者像1995年的《一壺開水》,也是到2007年才於北京公社第一次展示。藝術就這樣一直在藝術家的生活當中存在,一種是隱在其中,另一種是顯在其中,「隱」和「顯」總是交替的出現,時隱時現。 所以,宋冬的創作都從生活出發,就像現於香港K11展出的「坐井觀天」也是取材於日常生活中最常見的窗戶、木門、鏡子、燈等用品,不同的是這座高度超過5米八角形的「井」,主結構都由廢棄陳舊的門窗組成,而作品外部鑲嵌的金色鏡面造成了極大反差,藝術家故意讓它以金碧輝煌的面目出現,把展覽現場的花花世界映射其中。 「井內」各種老舊燈具懸頂而置,加之金色鏡面反射,讓置身於此的人,滿眼盡顯繁花似錦,形成的卻是繁華的虛空,「而當你走出作品到了現實世界裡,而那才是真正的繁華的虛空。」

    「其實窗戶是一個非常有意思的東西,它是構建兩個空間連接的物件。我們平時透過窗戶去看外界,也透過窗戶了解內部。」從窗戶變為了井口,這件作品被稱為《坐井觀天》 ,我們就變成了透過井口看世界的井底之蛙。但藝術家把窗戶的玻璃去掉換成鏡子,當我們在井內時就看不到外面,只能變成內觀,而外面的人也是如此; 在這一個閉合的空間裡,我們失去與外在世界聯繫的能力,進入了一個內部自己的反射。即便我們同是井底之蛙,但每個人的井都是不一樣。 「理論上講,《坐井觀天》項目是關於認識的,換一個角度看世界,世界就會改變。每個人都是窮人,這個「窮」,不是財富的貧寡,而是困境。而我們在生活中學習成長的就是解決困境的能力。解決困境的能力,取決於對事物的認識的深度。 」

    這個被藝術家稱為從地下拔出來的「井」,去年在北京佩斯畫廊的個展《剩餘價值》中首次展出,從「物盡其用」、「窮人的智慧」到「剩餘價值」,宋冬一直保持著對自我個體生活的關注,他不認為深入別人的生活才能夠用藝術的方式去準確的表達,他說屬於他的生活也是生活。 「剩餘價值」關注的是對被忽略事物的重新認識,它是人們在已有價值之外再認識的價值,是人們忽略的價值。不涉及剝削,而關乎發現和創造。是「無用之用」。為了讓觀眾重新認識到這些「無用之用」,最明智的選擇是垃圾廢料,它們在被廢棄之時便已經失去了原本的使用價值,宋冬將其重新利用,創作出了一件件抽象裝置,讓它們煥發出新的「剩餘價值」。 《坐井觀天》是K11最新展覽《A World in a Well》的焦點展品,並引發多位國際及本地藝術家和設計師以此為題,展出一系列展品包括懸掛於K11露天廣場、逾百米長及以極光為靈感的大型裝置藝術《Reflections》,以及超過二千呎並蘊含黑色幽默意味的互動藝術迷宮等。展覽至明年1月9日結束。為了此次展覽﹐宋冬持別與K11合作設計了一件「可帶回家的藝術品」﹐以「坐井觀天」為模型的限量萬花筒,並於K11 Design Store 獨家發售,全球限量2,000個。

    宋冬:坐井觀天 即日至2017年1月9日 K11中庭

    關於藝術家 宋冬,1966年生於中國北京。他從中國先鋒藝術運動中脫穎而出,成為中國當代藝術發展中重要的藝術家。他從九十年代初開始從事行為、錄像、裝置、攝影、觀念繪畫和戲劇等多媒介的當代藝術創作,並參與策劃當代藝術的展覽和活動。宋冬在世界各地舉辦過個展,也是各種群展的焦點。宋冬大多數作品都關註藝術的過程而非最終成品,因此也創造了其獨特的媒介和裝置方式。宋冬曾獲2000年聯合國教科文組織頒發的青年藝術家獎金(UNESCO/ASCHBERG Bursary Laureate)。2006年獲得「韓國光州國際當代藝術雙年展」大獎。2010年度AAC藝術中國年度藝術家裝置新媒體大獎。2011年獲美國舊金山市榮譽證書。 受聘於中央美術學院、北京電影學院、廣州美術學院任客座教授。宋冬現在是佩斯北京的代理藝術家,生活和工作在北京。

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